Pre-Visit Teacher Resources

These resources will help you prepare yourself and your students for your visit to Titanic Belfast; maximising the educational value of your trip and ensuring that everyone has a truly enjoyable learning experience.

The lesson suggestions are aimed at education groups who are planning a visit to Titanic Belfast. All the suggestions have specific learning intentions to assist in your curriculum planning.


Essential Reading

It is very important that all Education Group Leaders are familiar with both of the following documents before their visit:

Risk Assessment

Teachers Notes

If you have any questions about the Risk Assessment or Teachers Letter, please contact our Education Booking Team on +44 (0)28 9076 6386 or on [email protected].  

Activities and Resources

We want to help you ensure that your students are adequately prepared for their visit to Titanic Belfast with at least a baseline knowledge of the story of Titanic and a chance to plan for the learning they will be undertaking. Arriving with this preparation will maximise the learning value of their visit and enable them to delve beneath the surface of the story.

You’ll have lots of ideas of your own but we hope that these suggestions and resources will get you started!

Getting Launched

This activity will pose two key questions for your class:

  1. What do we already know about Titanic?
  2. What do we want to learn about Titanic?  

Getting Launched should be commenced 7-10 days prior to your Titanic Belfast visit.

View KS2 Activity Details and Rationale
View KS3 Activity Details and Rationale

Download our KWL Grid to help with this activity and follow up after your visit with our Review It activity!


Packing Up

This activity will encourage students to consider what they would pack in their suitcase if they were emigrating like those on-board Titanic.

Packing Up should be commenced 7-10 days prior to your Titanic Belfast visit.

View KS3 Activity Details and Rationale 

Download our Suitcase Image to help with this activity!

Gallery Notes

These notes comprehensively link all the themes and activities that can be found in the Titanic Experience to the relevant Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland curriculum targets. They will allow you to plan your class visit in a more targeted way so that you will be able to enjoy your visit to Titanic Belfast while giving adequate focus and attention to the curriculum area and related activities most appropriate to your students and curriculum targets you wish to meet. 

View KS2 NI Curriculum Notes
View KS3 NI Curriculum Notes
View 3rd and 4th Class ROI Curriculum Notes
View 5th and 6th Class ROI Curriculum Notes
View Junior Certificate ROI Curriculum Notes


NB: Teachers may use these resources freely within their school, but any other usage, or any other organisation wishing to use Titanic Belfast learning materials, should consult with our Learning Officer prior to any use.