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We're proud to be consistently recognised as industry leaders on a local, national and international level for our accessibility standards. As recognised ambassadors, we are continually working to further develop our five-star customer service by ensuring that all of our visitors' access requirements are not only fully met but exceeded.

Please see full accessibility information here


Those visiting Titanic Belfast with ASD can avail of a number of aids to help them get the most out of the experience and feel comfortable about seeking help from our knowledgeable staff. These include 'VIP' wristbands to let our crew know you may like assistance, a pre-visit sensory guide and the loan of ear defenders and/or black out tents. For full information please see here.



Titanic Belfast operates a Free Carers Policy, whereby it offers a free carer ticket to any paying customer who requires essential assistance to visit our building.

Tickets can be booked online here. Please bring proof of carer status with you as you may be asked for this on arrival. Examples include Belfast Trust Carer ID Card, Blue Badge, Freedom Pass, DLA letter or PIP letter).


General Access

All circulation spaces at Titanic Belfast are fully accessible as are the Titanic Experience galleries. There are some dimensional and weight restrictions on the Shipyard Ride which may mean that some wheelchairs, and all mobility scooters, will be unable to be accommodated within the accessible car.

All areas of the exhibition which have audio have integrated loop systems, visitors who wear hearing aids should switch them to the T setting.
There is seating for rest points in Galleries 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Titanic Belfast is surrounded by a flagged Plaza which is fully accessible.

There are 2 levels of underground car park. Level -2 has 6 accessible spaces. Level -1 has 4 accessible spaces. Value Cabs, our taxi partner, have a number of accessible vehicles and can drop visitors off at our Taxi drop off point. Tel: +44 (0)28 9080 9080

Wheelchairs and Scooters
The circulation space within the building is fully accessible for wheelchairs. Titanic Belfast has a number of wheelchairs which can be reserved on request by contacting us in advance on +44 (0)28 9076 6386.

In conjunction with Shop Mobility, Titanic Belfast can arrange for mobility scooters to be available for the duration of your visit (subject to availability). 

The Shipyard Ride
Due to dimensional and weight restrictions on the Shipyard Ride, mobility scooters unfortunately cannot be accommodated. There is a wheelchair accessible car which can accommodate one standard wheelchair at a time, wheelchairs cannot be larger than 1.0m in length. 

The safety bar in each car must close to 320mm.

Please advise crew if you are pregnant.

Children under 7 years or 1.3m must be supervised. We recommend 1:2 ratio of Adults to Children. As safety bars must close to 320mm, children cannot sit on parent's or guardian's knees and must be able to sit up un-aided.

Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs are welcome on the Shipyard Ride but at the discretion of the owners.

Bathroom Facilities 

There are accessible toilet facilities in the following areas:
  • 1 Toilet -  Entrance from car parking on level -1
  • 1 Toilet - Atrium level
  • 2 Toilets - Level 1
  • 1 Toilet - Gallery One - Boomtown Belfast
  • 1 Toilet - The Andrews Gallery
  • 2 Toilets - Level 2
  • 1 Toilet - Gallery Six
  • 1 Toilet - Gallery Seven
  • 2 Toilets - Level 5 Banqueting Suites
All accessible toilets have emergency alarms and communication points which go back to a 24hr manned security room.

Changing Places Facility
There is a Changing Places facility on Level -1 at the entrance from the car park.

Changing Places are fully accessible toilets and changing rooms for individuals with additional needs, that provide sufficient space and equipment for people who are not able to use the facilities independently.

The facilities include a height adjustable changing bench, a ceiling hoist, a peninsular toilet, shower, adjustable basin and privacy screen.

Access is provided via a Radar key, if guests do not have a key but require use of the facilites, this can be requested at Visitor Services.

Facilities For Those With Hearing Loss
Titanic Belfast is designed to be a multi-sensory exhibition. Multimedia guides with BSL are available.

Facilities For Those Who Are Blind Or Partially Sighted
We have developed an audio-described audio guide that is provided free of charge to our visitors who are blind or partially sighted. These guides can be collected at Visitor Services. Guide Dogs are welcome. There is voice indication in all front-of-house lifts, hand rail extensions and contrasting floor textures. Please note that the lighting levels within some of the galleries are low and in others which have windows can be extremely bright.

SS Nomadic
SS Nomadic is situated a short distance from the main Titanic Belfast building. Access is level, however guests must cross a road and a cobbled dockside (approx. 30-40m between tarmac and flat paving, then approx. 4m from flat paving to gangway) to gain entry.

A lift on board the ship provides access to all areas, bar the Crew Space which is accessible via approx. 7-8 steps and the Flying Bridge Deck (very top deck) which has approx. 15 steps.

Full details on all access at Titanic Belfast are available here.




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Accessibility References

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Accessibility Software

  1. JAWS, a screen reader for Windows. A time-limited, downloadable demo is available.
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