Post-Visit Teacher Resources

To help create opportunities for reflection when your pupils return to school we have provided lesson suggestions as follow up to your school visit.


Activities and Resources

Review It

This activity will pose two key questions for your class:

  1. What did I learn on our visit to Titanic Belfast?
  2. How did I learn on our visit to Titanic Belfast? 

Review It should be completed as soon as possible after your Titanic Belfast visit.

View KS2 Activity Details and Rationale
View KS3 Activity Details and Rationale

You will need your pupils' KWL Grid from the pre-visit activity Getting Launched to help with this activity and you should also download our How Did I Learn chart.


My Friend Bear Post-Visit Resources

Bingo Emotions List
Bingo Emotions Reference
Bingo Boards
Friendship Chain
Classroom Activities Lesson Plan


NB: Teachers may use these resources freely within their school, but any other usage, or any other organisation wishing to use Titanic Belfast learning materials, should consult with our Learning Officer prior to any use.