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Sandford Award for Education

Stimulating enquiry, encouraging independent and collaborative learning and awakening a genuine thirst for knowledge; Titanic Belfast is a unique learning resource for students of all ages.

There a few easy steps to booking an education group visit to Titanic Belfast:

1. Please Request A Booking Form and return to our learning team on

Remember! The more information we have the quicker we can process your request! Requests must be made at least 7 days in advance of visit, but for the best availability we recommend at least 8 weeks in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

2. Our learning team will contact you to discuss details of your visit and arrange payment.

Once full payment is made, your booking will be complete and we will send you out guidelines and advice for making your visit as straightforward as possible.

3. Teachers can access our online resources to prepare their class before their visit.

Where possible, a pre-visit recce should be booked with the Learning Team.

For further information on educational visits please email [email protected] or telephone our General Enquiries line +44 (0)28 9076 6386 and ask for Education Group Bookings.

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Titanic Belfast Galleries

From her birth in Belfast to her discovery on the sea bed, Titanic has captured the imagination of the world – 100 years later the same sense of awe is reignited at Titanic Belfast.

Through nine interactive galleries Titanic Belfast communicates all aspects of Titanic’s story and delivers a range of unique learning opportunities.

Self-Guided Tours
All year round, the Titanic Experience is self-guided which allows school groups to explore the Titanic galleries at their own pace and delve into the parts of the story that interest them most. All groups will be met by a group host on arrival and there are staff present throughout the galleries, but a self-guided experience offers great flexibility for your visit.

Guided Tours
From October to March, Titanic Belfast can offer school groups a guided gallery experience – ‘The Ship of Dreams’ is suitable for Primary and Secondary as well as children who have special educational needs. The guide will provide participating pupils with headphones to keep them locked on to the poignant story. The group will be directed to key areas of the Titanic Belfast gallery experience with their guide who will point out important details which promote a real understanding of the depth and significance of the story of Titanic.

New for winter 2015 is our 'Brave New World' tour which offers KS2 pupils the chance to explore our galleries with their guide who will help them discover the links between Titanic and the story of European emigration in the early C20th.


Resources and Activities

To support and enhance your school’s Titanic gallery experience, we have developed a full programme of resources to support you when at Titanic Belfast and also with your pre-visit planning and post-visit reflection. This can be supplemented by additional workshop activities.


Education Workshops

Titanic Belfast offers an increasing number of education workshops. The workshops are designed to help you meet curriculum targets for various key-stages or age groups. You can find a rationale for each workshop on their dedicated pages. These workshops can be booked in conjunction with the Titanic Galleries or as a stand-alone option.  My Granda’s Piece Tin, for our younger education guests, combines a workshop with a tailored gallery experience.


Teachers’ Site Visits

Titanic Belfast understands that busy teachers need school trips to be worth the time and money invested and is now inviting teachers to come down for a free of charge walk-through, at a convenient time and date. This visit will give teachers the opportunity to go through the galleries, see the education suite, and speak with a representative from the education department.  To book your teachers site visit contact [email protected]  Site visits will be available Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm.


More Information & Booking

Please email [email protected] and a member of the Group Booking Team will contact you to confirm your booking. Please allow up to 2 working days for a response. Alternatively you can telephone our General Enquiries line +44 (0)2890766386 and ask for Education Group Bookings.

NB: We reserve the right to refuse entry without refund to education groups who have booked via our website rather than through the dedicated education team.

We only book one group of under 16s in each entry slot as our testing of the galleries indicated that schools will get the most from their visit when they are the only school entering at that time and when we limit their numbers to approximately 30 pupils per time slot. This policy allows teachers to manage their group safely without competing with another school group and ensures that all visitors have the best possible experience.