Olympic Connections Exhibition

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As we approach the 33rd Summer Games, the 2024 Paris Olympics hold special significance, marking a century since the games were last hosted in the iconic French capital.

When | Monday 15th July - Saturday 31st August 

Price | Included in your ticket for the Titanic Experience

Duration | Approx 10 minutes

Where | SS Nomadic

From 26th July to 11th August, the world will come together to celebrate athletic excellence and the enduring spirit of the Olympics.

Embracing the Olympic Spirit, we will have a special pop-up exhibition onboard SS Nomadic which explores the rich history and remarkable stories of the sporting greats who travelled on the Olympic Class Ocean Liners, including RMS Titanic’s tender ship, the SS Nomadic.

We have also identified the fascinating connections between these legendary athletes and the 1924 Paris Olympics! 

In addition to celebrating past Olympic connections, we proudly showcase some of the world’s biggest sporting events that have been hosted at Titanic Belfast.

Join us in celebrating the Olympic spirit, paying tribute to the timeless legacy of the Olympics and the remarkable athletes who have inspired generations.

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