Dockers & Dolls - The Art of Terry Bradley

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This summer, Titanic Belfast is thrilled to welcome back renowned local artist Terry Bradley for an extraordinary exhibition: Dockers and Dolls!

When | 1st July - 31st August

Where | The Andrews Gallery

Time | 9am - 7pm 

Admission | Free

"Dockers and Dolls" honours the hardworking men and women of Belfast, particularly the Harland & Wolff shipyard workers and their wives. These men laboured long hours in harsh conditions, showing remarkable resilience and pride. Their wives, living in crowded quarters near the shipyard, were unsung heroes, balancing home life with demanding factory and mill jobs.

The exhibition will showcase Bradley's long tradition of painting the dockers, while also incorporating some of the rich maritime history of the city, his iconic female pieces and his work relating to mental health awareness.

The leading piece in the exhibition 'The Kiss' and the story behind this painting is used to show a powerful dynamic within a relationship. Relationships are very often at the core of our experiences of life, and we are moulded by how these relationships affect us.

For the first time, visitors also have the chance to see an exclusive immersive experience designed to delve into Bradley's life and artistic journey. This interactive feature will provide deeper insights into how Bradley's life experiences have shaped his art and the significant role art plays in his life.

Join us in exploring the past and present of Terry Bradley and gain a profound understanding of what makes him the extraordinary artist he is today.

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