Britannic (I) Fact File

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Britannic (I)

Owner: Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. (White Star Line)

Ship Details


Vessel Type: Passenger ship

Official No: 69368

Builder: Harland & Wolff Ltd, Queen's Island, Belfast

Yard No: 83

Laid down: 1873

Launched: 3 February 1874

Handed over: 6 June 1874

Port & Date of Registry: Liverpool, 2 June 1874

Managing Owner & Address: Thomas H. Ismay, 10 Water Street, Liverpool


Number of Decks: 3

Number of Masts: 4

Rigged: Barque

Stern: Elliptical

Build: Clencher

Framework & Description of Vessel: Iron

Number of Bulkheads: 8 (and 1 partial)

Number of water ballast tanks: n/r


Length: 455.0 feet

Breadth: 45.6 feet

Depth: 33.7 feet

Gross Registered Tonnage: 5,004.26 tons


Engine Builder: Maudslay, Sons & Field, Westminster Road, Lambeth, London

Engine Type: Compound inverted direct acting surface condensing

Cylinders: 2 X 48; 2 X 83 inches

Stroke: 60 inches

Nominal Horse Power: 760


Description: Elliptical multi-tubular

Number: 8

Iron or Steel: Iron

Pressure when loaded: 70 lbs

Screw: Single

Speed: 17¼ knots

Signal Letters: M. W. S. T.


Many innovative features were incorporated into the design of Britannic. The most outstanding of these was her adjustable screw propeller shaft. After leaving port, when the vessel entered deep water, the aft section of the propeller shaft was lowered, allowing it to run in smooth undisturbed water thus increasing, in theory, the performance of the vessel. In practice severe vibration and constant breakdowns meant that after several voyages Britannic was sent back to her builders for conversion to the standard design incorporated in her sister Germanic (Yard No. 85).

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