The Nomadic Experience

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Step back in time to the great age of transatlantic travel and come aboard SS Nomadic, the mini Titanic!

SS Nomadic is most famous for the part she played in the Titanic story, but this was only the beginning of her extraordinary journey that stretches over 100 years.

Restored to her original 1911 glory and back home in Belfast, a visit to SS Nomadic and Hamilton Dock combines the authentic heritage and atmosphere of this historic ship with the intriguing stories of her passengers and the ups and downs of her dramatic career.

Stretched over four decks, stepping on board SS Nomadic allows you to experience first hand what it was like to be a passenger boarding RMS Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage, to marvel at the intricate details and the contrasts between the separated class areas on board.

In addition to experiencing the authentic grandeur, the Nomadic story is told through a wide variety of interactive, hands on, technical and traditional story telling methods perfect for keeping guests of all ages entertained!

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Explore the Nomadic Experience

A Titanic Story

Just like the Titanic first-class passengers did in 1912, step on board SS Nomadic and marvel at it’s grandeur and luxury. Meet and have a chat with Pierre, the first-class barman and learn all about the part that Nomadic played in the Titanic story.

Extraordinary Journeys

Find out about some of the extraordinary journeys that the passengers of SS Nomadic embarked upon and about the great era of emigration and transatlantic travel. Kids and adults can dress up in the clothes of the day.

Wartime Service

Working as a mine sweeper, evading capture by the Germans, carrying troops and evacuating thousands of people from Cherbourg harbour – SS Nomadic performed dangerous tasks and played active service in both World Wars.

Rivets to Regattas

Nestled inside the lower deck, feel the steel and examine the rivets close up. This space tells the story of Nomadic’s construction and of Cherbourg Port where she spent her career. The area is packed full of interactives and puzzles for all the family - visitors can steer the ship in our interactive game, play top trumps with ‘shipping facts', dress up as a crewmember, build SS Nomadic and much more!

The Crew Space and Lamp Room

Step inside the atmospheric and cramped quarters where the Nomadic crew lived and slept and experience first hand the stark contrast to the luxurious first and second-class passenger areas elsewhere on board.

From Paris to Belfast

After fifty-seven years as a passenger tender and due to the growing competition from air travel, SS Nomadic was retired in 1968 – but her journey was far from over!

Learn about the years she spent in Paris as a restaurant and nightclub, how she was eventually returned to Belfast and the challenges the project team faced to restore her to her original 1911 condition.

Nomadic Reflections

Located in the area that acted as an overflow for third-class passengers, Nomadic Reflections brings together the stories of those who have encountered Nomadic since 1911 – from a H&W worker who originally constructed her to the project team who have overseen her restoration, and all those in between.

Bridge and Flying Bridge Deck

When you’re done exploring the authentic interiors and learning her fascinating stories then take a stroll along the bridge and flying bridge deck. Take in the views of historic Hamilton Dock, Titanic Belfast and Belfast Harbour, have a turn on the ship wheel and don’t forget to step into the Captain's cabin and say 'Bonjour' to Captain Boitard.

Before you disembark, snap your very own 'Jack and Rose' moment at the bow of the ship!


Once back on dry land, the story of shipbuilding in Belfast and historic Hamilton Dock is told in a series of graphic panels and interactives along the dockside. Souvenirs and Nomadic keepsakes can be purchased in the Titanic Store within Titanic Belfast's atrium.

The Titanic Experience

Includes admission on board SS Nomadic.

The self-guided Titanic Experience is the world’s most authentic way to discover the sights, sounds, smells and stories of the ship, as well as the people and city that made her. 

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