Dr. Simpson Letter

One of the last letters from the Titanic is on display in Gallery 5 - The Maiden Voyage.

Belfast-born assistant ship’s surgeon Dr John Simpson wrote a letter to his mother which was brought ashore at Queenstown (Cobh), Co Cork, during the vessel’s last stop. 
Dr Simpson died when the Titanic sank on 15th April 1912.
It was feared the message, written on notepaper headed RMS Titanic, would never return to Belfast after it was put up for auction in New York with a reserve price of $34,000 (€27,000). The Titanic Foundation, the charitable group which owns the building, stepped in to buy the item.
The unique document reaffirms the emotional relationship and the ties the city has with the telling of the worldwide story that is the Titanic. It is only a small piece of paper but the letter offers of a glimpse of the enormity of the human tragedy – the last words of a devoted son to his Belfast mum.

Dr Simpson Letter at Titanic Belfast