Terry Bradley and Friz mural unveiled at Titanic Belfast

30th May

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Terry Bradley and Friz collaborate on new mural at Titanic Belfast

We're so excited to announce that a new ‘Titanic’ mural, celebrating Belfast’s heritage, has been unveiled at Titanic Belfast to mark the anniversary (31st May 1911) when the famous ship was launched from the Slipways, drawing a massive crowd of over 100,000 people from all over the world to the banks of the Lagan!

The mural has been a collaboration between leading local artists Terry Bradley and Friz, aims to attract crowds by shinning a spotlight on the city’s history, as well as its contemporary art movement.

The recreation of Terry Bradley’s ‘Docker’s Rest’ is located at Hickson’s Point, our shipyard themed hospitality space which serves up traditional music, food and drink for locals and visitors alike. The mural is appropriately placed as it depicts men from the Sailortown and the docks, showcasing Belfast’s maritime heritage as well as traditions of murals and hospitality in the city.

Terry Bradley commented, “This has been a great project to be involved in with Friz. I have painted the working men of Belfast for a long time now, portraying their strength and character. I grew up in Belfast and was very aware of the wall murals around where I lived, to be able to tie in with that background but with a positive rather than political message has been very important to me as an artist. The reproduction of the piece by Friz looks amazing and we’re both very pleased with it. The appropriateness of the artwork at Titanic Belfast lies in the background of the whole area. My art celebrates Belfast, its people and its achievements. Titanic Belfast is synonymous with contemporary Belfast, therefore there couldn’t be a better place for this piece.”

Terry Bradley puts the finishing touches to new mural at Titanic Belfast

Friz said, “Belfast has a strong ship building heritage, an industry that created many jobs for the people of the city. Terry Bradley’s piece ‘Docker’s Rest’ depicts some of the characters that could have populated this world. It was a pleasure to recreate it in such a fitting and iconic location.”

Laura Cowan, our Head of Product Development, added “Titanic Belfast not only explores the sights, sounds and stories of Titanic, but also celebrates the City and people that made her – therefore we are proud to be home of the joint collaboration by Terry Bradley and Friz. Like us, the mural combines the past with the present and showcases the spirit of the Shipyard is still alive in Belfast today. We have no doubt that is will be a favourite focal point for visitors to both Hickson’s Point and Titanic Belfast.”
Friz replicates Terry Bradley's 'Dockers Rest' in new mural at Titanic Belfast    Terry Bradley and Friz at new mural at Titanic Belfast

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