Inspire 2018 - Pupils celebrate International Women’s Day at Titanic Belfast

7th March

International Women's Day, Learning, Survitec Over 250 young women gathered at Titanic Belfast yesterday alongside industry leaders at our annual International Women’s Day celebrations!
Inspire, International Women's Day conference at Titanic Belfast

This is the fifth time, we have hosted our ‘Inspire’ celebrations which aim to inspire young women to unite together as sisters and press for progress around the world.  

This year pupils were introduced to UTV’s Denise Watson, our Chief Executive, Judith Owens, engineer, scientist and performer Dr. Niamh Shaw, Mel Wiggins MBE and Abi Wells on behalf of Baobab Trust’s Woman to Woman Project. Each spoke to the pupils about ‘Sisterhood’, and encouraged the pupils to ‘Press for Progress’ to advance women’s potential worldwide, alongside the International Women’s Day theme worldwide.

Judith Owens, Titanic Belfast’s Chief Executive, commented, “Over the last five years, we have now welcomed over  700 young women from schools and colleges across Northern Ireland to celebrate International Women’s Day.  At Titanic Belfast, we are proud and passionate about education outside the classroom and hope that this event has sparked new ideas, enterprise and passion amongst young women to press for progress in their own spheres and contribute to the advancement of women locally and nationally.”
   Inspire, International Women's Day conference at Titanic Belfast     Inspire Art Exhibition at Titanic Belfast

The event was also supported by women from across the fields of business, community and creativity who gave their time to host the young women and be their mentors for the day.

During the conference pupils also had the opportunity to take part in a global 'mentor walk', where they could engage in informal and organic conversation with their industry mentors, learn more from each other and develop relationships which may last beyond the day.

In addition to the Inspire Conference, Titanic Belfast is hosting a community exhibition of artwork celebrating sisterhood. This is open to the public for viewing in The Andrews Gallery at Titanic Belfast from 7th- 31st March 2018. 
The Inspire 2018 event was supported by the Survitec Group and is just one of Titanic Belfast’s Learning team’s offering. Our education programme is recognised as a leading learning resource nationally and has welcomed over 150,000 participants since opening in 2012. Find out more about bringing a school group to Titanic Belfast here.

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