Titanic Baby Descendants Visit Home of the Titanic

16th June

America, RMS Titanic, Titanic Links, Visitors This week, Victoria Perper from America, whose grandmother Leah Rosen Aks and uncle Phillip Frank Aks, survived the Titanic tragedy, travelled to Ireland to visit Titanic Belfast!

Victoria Perper and Family

The story of this mother and son is one of the most famous stories of surviving passengers and became known as the tale of the ‘Titanic Baby.’

Victoria and her family travelled from Norfolk, Virginia, to Northern Ireland to follow the story of her grandmother, who at the age of 18 travelled as a third class passenger on board the famous ship from Southampton with her ten month old baby Philip. On the night of the tragic sinking, both of them were escorted up on deck but were separated in the rescue mission.

It took four days for them to be reunited on-board the rescue ship, Carpathia, as another woman claimed Philip as her own son. Captain Rostron was forced to play the role of King Solemn and asked each women was there anything unusual about the child – while the other fell silent, Leah was able to point out his birth mark. From then on Philip became known as the ‘Titanic Baby’!

Tim Husbands MBE, said, “At Titanic Belfast, we not only tell the story of how the world’s most famous ship was built, designed and launched, but also the personal stories. There are literally thousands of fascinating connections to Titanic but the one of Victoria’s family has to be one of the most unique. It was an honour to have the family, who travelled from America specifically to visit Titanic Belfast. Over the last four years, we have welcomed guests including Her Majesty the Queen but our staff equally loved having visitors like Victoria and her family!”

Titanic Belfast was recently nominated alongside Buckingham Palace, La Sagrada Familia, The Eiffel Tower and The Roman Colosseum to become Europe’s Leading Visitor Attraction at the World Travel Awards - please VOTE for us to win!
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