80 Roles Up For Grabs in Recruitment Drive at Titanic Belfast

9th January

Corporate, Jobs, TB Team Titanic Belfast Launches Recruitment Drive For 80 Roles

To start the new year, we are recruiting for 80 frontline staff as we look forward to 2020 at Titanic Belfast!

We're recruiting for fixed-term contracts across the front line at Titanic Belfast and on-board SS Nomadic, including Visitor Experience, Ticketing, Hospitality Outlets and Retail to join our over 300 strong team.

Chief Executive, Judith Owens commented, “From the very beginning in 2012, we have valued our staff as one of our key assets and reasons for success. This year, we are recruiting for 80 roles and we want staff who are truly passionate about communicating Titanic’s story and showcasing the best of Belfast and Northern Ireland to local, national and international tourists – if this is you, you could be part of our award-winning crew.”

To ensure our world-class standards are met and maintained, Titanic Belfast has a robust training programme, including on the job customer service training and an attractive benefits package.

Described by The Guardian as "an inspiring testament to the Titanic and the city that built it", almost 6 million people from around the world have already visited Titanic Belfast since opening in 2012.

Full details of the 80 posts, as well as other current job opportunities, are available here.

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