Exploring the Depths

8 - 14 Years

Exploring The Depths

60 Minute Workshop   |   8-14 Years Old   |   KS2 & KS3   |   Available October - March

Exploring the Depths allows pupils to dive deep into the ocean to uncover hidden shipwrecks and discover the world of modern ocean exploration. Taking place in the final gallery, the Ocean Exploration Centre provides a unique interactive learning environment.

Pupils discover the zones of the ocean along with some of the specialised creatures that live there; get up close and personal with actual ocean exploration technology; fly through the underwater landscape off the North coast of Ireland using Titanic Belfast’s unique simulated environment to uncover shipwrecks and our extraordinary hidden landscapes; learn about a range of marine STEM careers; and investigate some marine samples using a high definition video microscope.

Pupils will come away with a new appreciation and respect for our oceans, and will be inspired by the future of ocean exploration and scientific research.

Key Highlights:

  • STEM
  • Learn About Ireland's Shores
  • Explore Marine Science Career Options
  • Takes Place in the OEC


Exploring the Depths Rationale Key Stage Two

Exploring the Depths Rationale 5th & 6th Class ROI

Exploring the Depths Rationale Junior ROI


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