Titanic Pilgrimage Walk

Pause and Reflect

The Titanic Pilgrimage is a guided tour with opportunities to pause and reflect on the exact footprint where Titanic was born. The tour traces the outline of the ship, telling stories of both the joy and pride of her beginning, and the tragedy and sorrow of her end, through music, eyewitness testimony and the evocative features of the landscape which survive from the past.

The Titanic Pilgrimages are led by Chaplains from The Dock - the shared Chaplaincy project aiming to build community and spiritual life in the Titanic Quarter. 

Book A Tour

The Titanic Pilgrimage can now be enjoyed either as a guided walk - or as a journey on the Wee Tram!

To book a Pilgrimage Walk - contact [email protected] - walks can be conducted at any time by prior arrangement only.

To book a Pilgrimage Tram - contact [email protected] - the Wee Tram can be booked for a Pilgimage Tour between 10am and noon, or 6pm and 9pm daily.

In our busy lives, there's something precious about taking the time to pause and reflect in the open air - listening out for the ways in which Titanic's century-old story can still move and inspire us in our present day.